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Xander Holmes releases anticipating single “Something Real”

Burgeoning, 17-year-old, singer-songwriter Xander Holmes has released his brand new single Something Real; a dreaming tune about the anticipation felt in the lead up to a new experience, and the reflection that follows.

Something Real is a strong step forward for Holmes; the track taking a mature outlook on his relative nativityand palpable excitement for the experiences he’s sure to encounter.

“The song is about discovering or getting into something when it is still new, fresh and exciting. Things like relationships, friendships, new opportunities and projects. That really freeing feeling of Something New,” said Holmes.

Despite Xander’s optimistic nature and positive sound of Something Real, the seventeen year old isn’t kidding himself and is prepared for anything.

“The song also dives into the repercussions of when that thing doesn’t necessarily work out the way you wanted it, and how to deal with it; well, how I deal with it anyway,” said Holmes.

The song was conceived at a song writing retreat alongside fellow musicians Asha Jefferies and Ruby Gilbert, but it was Aaron Shanahan of Miami Horror fame who really help craft Something Real.

“We recorded it the same day, and then Aaron had heaps of production ideas. After the retreat, we kept working together and finished up the song. Aaron was an incredible mentor,” said Holmes.



“There are so many so-called bands who’s music fascinates thousands, but Brisbane based Xander Holmes opened a new world to me, the most intriguing one.”
— ClickAndListen

“Brisbane teen, Xander Holes is creating the kind of songs that musicians spend many years his senior would be proud of.”
— Sounds Of Oz



17-year-old high school student Xander Holmes has been quietly shocking industry professionals and reviewers who have encountered his sophisticated and complex songwriting, warm vocals and mesmerising performances. 

A prolific and passionate songwriter, Xander has already quietly released his first EP, Ocean, earlier this year, and is just embarking on a promising career with performances at BigSOUND 2017, and shows with Asha Jeffries and Shag Rock.

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