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Brooks from Mayday Parade has a chat to Jen about their upcoming Aussie tour.

Mayday Parade ”A Lesson In Romantics 10 Year Anniversary Tour” With special guests This Wild Life. 

Florida’s favourite pop-punk quintet Mayday Parade have announced their anticipated return to NZ & Australia this October, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their iconic cult classic debut album A Lesson In Romantics. 

‘We are stoked to celebrate our 10th anniversary of our debut record A Lesson in Romantics,” guitarist Brooks Betts says. ‘We want to reminisce on the memory with our fans. Especially with those who have been with us for so many years. We would like to invite you all to share the experience with us.” 

Mayday Parade has amassed one of the most loyal and avid fan bases in their 12 years of vitality, making them a global force. Their energizing live shows and beloved hits are adored by many, with hits like -Jamie All Over’, -Miserable At Best’ and -Jersey’ propelling their success from the get go. 

You can buy tickets here and catch up with Mayday Parade on facebook here.

Hi Brooks, not long till you hit our shores for your ten year anniversary for ‘Lesson in Romantics’. I can’t believe it has been 10 years already! Are you feeling older and wiser?

Definitely feeling older. Maybe a little wiser haha. Many things have changed in our lives over the 10 years. Lots of home relationships with family and personal life but it seems that touring stays pretty consistent. We haven’t really let up a bit in the music realm.

 It is great that we are around to laugh about being old, it is with a heavy heart that I write this today with the events of yesterday in Las Vegas. How are you dealing with this news, with how many festivals you do all over the world? I am rather speechless so not sure if you can put your thoughts into words. 

It is certainly sad to see these things like Las Vegas occur. I can only hope that less of these tragic events will occur over time. Fact of the matter is that there are a lot of people out there who could use help from a friend or family member. Or even professional help if they feel they are not in a good state of mind. It takes some crazy thinking to make you want to go out and start shooting people. I feel bad for all involved. 

 One of my favourite songs of yours is ‘Jamie All Over’ and listening to it today it makes me even sadder. Do you think that when you play that live it will take on a different meaning for you?

We have played Jamie at almost every show we have ever played so the meaning has always stayed the same in my mind. It captured a time and place in our career and that song has forever cemented that moment.  

The music industry, well here in Australia is very tight and I have spoken to mates to see how they are feeling, you guys are closer than we are, do you have a good support network in place?

The support you get in the industry is really only earned through hard work and good music. It’s always nice to cross and work with as many artists as you can though to maximize exposure. As well if there is a demand for your music, seek out the right people to work with that can help get your music to the people that will actually be receptive to it. For instance if a label has no experience working at the street level with more of an underground fan base then they will most likely be pushing your music on deaf ears otherwise. At least for our style. 
For your set list, you will you be playing the whole album back to back as promised?

Yes. Of course! If we didn’t that would be grounds for false advertisement. 

Good! I can’t remember how many times you have been here, this would be my 3rd or 4th time seeing you, but sometimes I do a full tour of festivals. Can you remember how many times you have been here?

A lot. I really don’t remember exactly. But these days we are trying to come see you once a year ha. Australia is a great place for use to tour.

 Makes me feel better about not remembering how many times I have seen you! We are all getting older… Having been here many times, can you describe why you come down here so often? What is the pulling force?

As long as people keep coming to shows we will keep coming back. 

Is there one place in Australia that you want to visit but have not had the chance?

I’d just really like to get outside of the cities once in a while. I’d like to see some of your beautiful landscapes!

 I know that today you are in Germany, well as I am writing this you are according to Facebook. Will you have some time off either side of your tour here to see some of our sites and relax?

We will for sure bounce around your cities. We should have enough off time between shows for that. Although we have seen most of all the big stops. 

Was there one song from ‘Lesson in Romantics’ that when the writing and recording process you thought was going to a hit? Can you tell us which one and why? Use your memory!  

I don’t think that we thought any song would be particularly better than another. You have to understand that most of the songs are good so nothing really peaks it’s head above the rest. Also when you are in that moment it’s really hard to know how people will react. I know lots of music that is incredible but fans never really cared for it. (Other bands)

Great answer. Over the last year has there been a time when something has gone wrong at was really bad at the time but now you can laugh at it now? 

I think that’s just life in general. We live and learn and we shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes. 

 True. I just watched the music video for ‘Black Cat, made me smile when I think back ten years watching it on either my old TV or this really old pc we had. Things have sure changed. What do you think is the biggest change in regards to the making of a music video.

Well there use to actually be budgets for videos. Now people don’t watch them so much. It’s actually been really hard to get our ideas across because of financial restraints. Still fun to do though. We always have ideas but in the end it’s really hard to make them happen on video haha. 

Also, can you tell me one thing has had a massive change for you as in anything in the last ten years of your career?

Yeah, I’ve learned that if you sit around and sulk about your situation nothing will ever get better. Lots of our fans struggle with many different wide ranging issues.  For all our fans that get down on themselves. They are in control of their lives. If you have to look back one day and say that my life could have been better. Well that’s your own fault. Everyone’s got problems so get out there and do something about it… This a message to you saying to be more positive in your own life and thoughts. 

Good lesson to learn, I feel that in hindsight I would have done a few things differently but not major things. Thanks for your time Brooks, see down here real soon.




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