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Like Good old Rock n Roll? Check out this new release from Midwestern Midnights!


Midwestern Midnights team up with Producer/Musician Ryan Smith of The Melismatics and Soul Asylum to record their debut self-titled album. The result is 9 solid tracks with hints of good old rock n’ roll, country alt and a dash of rockabilly that’ll keep you listening long past the midnight hour.

The band is a new name in the Minneapolis, MN music scene but the members are from from it. Kelly Jo, Steve Sutherland (Nova Mob, 757’s) and Brian Lambert (The Hell And The Quiet) have been playing in bars and clubs around the Twin Cities for many years in various bands. Recently they came together to explore a new musical point of view on what makes the Midwestern region of the U.S. such a warm, fun and culturally rich place to make and play music.

The album is receiving great feedback from industry critics. The video/single “Long Ways To Go” was named one of Minnesota’s top 5 music videos by CityPages in September. Their latest single “Pay No Mind” is already picking up steam in Italy, Sweden, Australia and the U.S.

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Midwestern Midnights is comprised of Kelly Jo Mitchell – vocals, Brian Lambert – guitar/vocals (The Hell And The Quiet), Steve Sutherland – drums (Nova Mob, 757’s). Their sound is a unique blend of Rockabilly, Country Alt and Folk Rock. They have all been friends for a number of years but only recently came together to explore their musical chemistry.


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