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Proud to premiere Smoking Martha’s music video for ‘Stranger Things’

Music Injection is happy to premiere Brisbane’s punk rockers ‘Smoking Martha’ music video for their third song off their debut album ‘In Deep’.

This punk band has all the signs of being a real true punk band, Tatts, long hair, tee’s with messages on them, converse, and a seemingly non-stop energy will playing live.  The vocal prowess of Tasha D invites you in to listen to more.

A song from a band to watch in the best genre of all. Punk.’ Music Injection AU

The music video for ‘Stranger Things’ is a live action shot of a tour in the life of ‘Smoking Martha’. Jen got the chance to catch up with the band for a chat prior to this premiere.

Hi guys, Loving the music video that shows a life of a band setting up, working hard to be ready to play live. Looks like you have a blast playing live true?

Yeah! Playing live is THE reason for being in a band. For us it  is important to have chemistry between band mates as that can’t be faked on stage!

You also seem to know how to kick back and enjoy a drink or two! You all seem very close, what is the story behind you meeting? 

Long Story!! We all met through friends of friends. 4 of us live in the same apartment building! So we are pretty close! 

Anything go wrong or a funny story from the recording that music video? 

Its live footage from our album launch filming was really natural free and cruisy!! We had the guys from juchey productions filming onstage with us and it was dark and hard to see so we fell over/ran into each other a couple times.

Ha! This is your third single off your debut album ’In Deep’ this song is a little different from the others can you explain why?

Stranger things was the last song written for the album, it’s an anthem lyrically tying the whole theme of the album together and musically more aggressive.

Why did you place this song as your final track on the album?

The song has such a big ending it just felt right to be last.

You have a busy end to 2017, with a tour in Queensland and New Zealand. Are you looking forward to seeing crowds in New Zealand receive your album? 

Yes it’s our 1st international tour the start of many to come we are really pumped.

Have you any plans for early 2018? Yep time to think about next year already!

Writing for the next album, and heading to Europe !!

Can you tell our readers what they can expect from your show in 7 words?

High energy, sultry, raw rock n roll!
Have a great time in Europe and all the best for 2018.
Following their commanding tracks “Say You’re Mine” and “What’s Her Name?” Smoking Martha step barefoot into the flames with a smoldering new single “Stranger Things”. Coming off their album debut album In Deep, “Stranger Things” the dynamic five piece stay true to their signature hooky riffs and alluring vocals. 

Lead vocalist Tasha D describes the new single as a, dynamic track with 2 songs in one with an explosive ending. It’s a song about our struggles our dreams and desires tying together the overall theme of the album “In deep”– how far we’ve come and how much further we have to go.” 

The heavy hitters teamed up with Matthew Bartlem from Loose Stone Studios (Matt Corby, Dead Letter Circus) to create their debut album “In deep” with “Strangers Things” being the final track to end with a bang. 

Guitarist Mick Broome describes the recording experience as “…an intense but relaxed vibe. We worked really hard which brought out the best possible takes. We were told to leave our egos at the door and really focus on the music which helped us not get sidetracked by all the other bullshit! We found with enough push we could actually play better than we thought we could. Matt was able to drag out performances that really captured the energy.” 

To add to Queensland’s hard rockers success, they prove to be one of a kind scoring international and National supports with, Everclear (USA), Prophets Of Addiction (USA), Uriah Heep (UK), Seether (SA) and Cherie Currie (The Runaways). 2017 continues to look incredibly bright for Brisbane’s ambitious rockers. 

Friday 10th November | The Currumbin Pub | Gold Coast, QLD
W/ Tablefox, The Chelsea Rockwells

Saturday 11th November | Leftys Old Time Music Hall | Brisbane, QLD
W/ Tablefox

Friday 1st December | Nivara Lounge | Hamilton, NZ
W/ Tablefox

Saturday 2nd December | Thirsty Dog | Aukland, NZ
W/ Tablefox 

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