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Dearheart release ‘The Inevitable Collapse Of A Good Thing’.

This song is not just a song but an emotional journey. The ‘Inevitable Collapse Of A Good Thing’ is so connectable for anyone that has been in love and lost that love. Check it out below.
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This is the final song on our recently released EP. It as a whole is a movement from hope to despair and this song, as the final song, strips away all the instruments and presents the arrival at despair. The song acts as an antithesis to the first track (which engages hope) by presenting the moment when hope is abandoned — and when hopes are high, the fall is great. The song journeys through the building up of love and the slow, painful process of that love falling apart. The building up of emotional walls to protect from getting hurt, all the while hopefully waiting up for the other in hopes that things will get better. Despair makes its home in the absence of a love that once was.


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