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This song is beautiful. ‘Jackhammer’ spills emotions that are real and connectable. Have a listen!

This song’s beat catches you unaware. It is refreshing to listen to a song for the first time and not be able to guess what you are going to hear. I love how vocals really demonstrates the emotions felt. ‘Jackhammer’. A song with a story for sure!

“A songwriter of subtle complexity that belies his tender years” – Daily Mirror

“Lyrically and vocally expressive… Denvir’s classical background provides an intricately delicate musical scaffold” –

“Honest and personal song-craft, paired with beautiful vocals… This Northern star is rising fast” – Hot Press magazine


Belfast singer-songwriter & video maker Owen Denvir is excited to announce the release of his new single: ‘Jackhammer’ on Friday 3rd of November 2017 with bonus track ‘Green Light’. The two tracks showcase this vibrant Singer Songwriter’s panache and style of writing blissful pop songs taken from the everyday, such as breaking up and picking up the pieces by getting yourself back out there. Denvir’s vocals take centre-stage, making for a masterfully meditative tale of pain, solace, redemption and hope.

Take ‘Jackhammer’, which marks a move to a new country resulting in a break up, and ‘Green Light’ – the resulting anxious venture back into the world of dating via the popular app Tinder. “I was waiting for a reply from someone that I’d matched with: a ‘green light’ notification on my phone. These two songs mark the yin and yang…

An avid video and mash-up maker, Owen caught the attention of Coldplay with his “Best Of” mash-up, performing a fusion of hits from their first 7 albums. His full series of split-screen multi-instrumental arrangements have surpassed 2,000,000 views across YouTube and Facebook

Owen’s Live Video EP “Motion Picture Soundtrack” – launched Feb ’17 to a sell-out show in The Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast – offered an original alternative to releasing new music, keeping with his signature “split-screen” style and one-man multi-instrumentalism. Coverage has come as widespread as Irish television spots on UTV Life and TV3’s 6 O’Clock Show, with features from ITV News, & Belfast Telegraph, and Irish radio stations Cool FM & BBC Radio Ulster.

owen denvir - jackhammer cover

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