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Eat Your Heart Out new EP “Mind Games” out now

A recent signing to Fearless Records / Caroline AustraliaEat Your Heart Out have released a new EP, ‘Mind Games.’ 

Since their emergence in 2012, Eat Your Heart Out have ignited excitement around the world with their ideas of emo energy, punk power, and pop palatability. Along the way, the band self-released two EPs, Distance Between Us (2015) and Carried Away (2017), signed a deal with Fearless Records, and toured with the likes of Trophy EyesHands Like HousesKnuckle PuckReal Friends, and many others.

Everything paved way for the group’s 2017 EP, Mind Games, which sees them hone the message in the music. “It’s something we’ve been working towards,” says frontwoman Caitlin Henry. “This captures our sound and vision.”

To do so, the group retreated to a Sydney studio with the talents of producer Zach Tuch for recording. “Zach was great at understanding how each of us work,” recalls bassist Dom Cant“His ideas were great, and he brought a lot of awesome stuff out of Will. He helped us tailor each song and encouraged everyone to contribute. He always said, ‘You’re a signed band for a reason. Put your ideas out there. They’re all worth exploring’.”

That focus shows on the first single “Conscience” featuring Patrick Miranda of Movements. Caitlin’s vulnerable, vibrant, and vital delivery tempers thick guitars as she carries a chantable reprise, “I’m stuck inside.” Meanwhile, Patrick adds another dimension with a spirited cameo.

“I had this idea floating around,” she elaborates. “It started with the line, ‘Give me time to clear my conscience.’ It’s about when you’ve said something that you regret, and you haven’t had the chance to clear it up with the other person. You’re asking for a chance to get it off your mind because you’re feeling guilty.”

Elsewhere on Mind Games“Best Intentions” snaps into a dreamy crescendo upheld by a wall of distortion and a galloping beat. Meanwhile, “Rock Bottom” confronts a central theme to the EP.

“The title Mind Games is the best way to describe these songs as a body of work,” says Caitlin.“A lot of the songs deal with mental health and being stuck in your own head. When we were making this, we experienced more feelings of self-doubt because we knew more people were paying attention. That lack of confidence and self-doubt take over, so you rise up to it and realize you have to do the best job you can and have been given this opportunity for a reason.”

‘Mind Games’ Track Listing:
1. Rust
2. Cellophane
3. Conscience feat. Patrick Miranda
4. Better Late Than Never
5. Rock Bottom
6. Landslide 

Eat Your Heart Out are: 
Caitlin Henry (vocals), Andrew Anderson (guitar), Will Moore (guitar), Dom Cant (bass), andJake Cronin (drums)

Mind Games EP


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