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BLOTHAR from GWAR tells Jen what fans can expect for their upcoming tour. GWAR being GWAR!

Attention Human Scum!!!!

Earth’s favourite interplanetary warriors, GWAR, are returning to conquer and destroy Australia in APRIL 2018!

“The Blood of Gods Tour” continues on into Australia, as your masters and supreme overlords take their one of a kind carnival of blood-drenched death and destruction Down Under. The last time GWAR visited Australia in 2014, they upset the Australian public with the controversial and media-hyped beheading of an effigy of then-Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. The body count will be even higher when GWAR returns to Australia in April of 2018 for more heavy metal carnage. Mark your calendars or leave the country.

WATCH: “I’ll Be Your Monster” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


Don’t miss GWAR’s odyssey of death and destruction as they turn their eyes towards Earth’s most remote outcrop of human scum, Australia.

“Death cannot kill GWAR. Nothing can.” – – – GWAR


GWAR April 2018 Tour Dates

Tuesday 24th April – Brisbane, Eatons Hill
Thursday 26th April – Sydney, Metro
Friday 27th April – Melbourne, 170 Russell
Sunday 29th April – Adelaide, HQ


Tickets from:


Jen had that chance to have a chat with Blothar about their upcoming tour and the bands resilience through some pretty tough times. 

Hi Blothar, Are you going?

Oh I am great. How about you?

Pouring the coffee down my throat at the moment.


Aussie fans and people who feel that Tony Abbott was the worst prime minister ever have been looking forward to your return since 2014. I was not watching your set at that time, but word got around pretty quickly what went down!

Yeah!  People were definitely upset. I keep getting asked if we can do that again and the answer is of course we are! There will be all sorts of murders! Face rips, arm rips, leg rips.

Well I can tell you that the fake blood from that day was pretty hard to get out of my daughters clothes.

(Laughing) That is a shame!  as it would not be as realistic without the blood when Tony Abbott’s head came off.

Oh for sure!

We are still be ruled by that government sadly so we do have the expectation that GWAR will keep being GWAR and we shall have blood split.

Yes. Defiantly!

It certainly was a great way of capturing Aussies hearts although there were some of our population that were a e without little upset….

How did you cope with all the criticism and the anger of the Aussies that poured out after the beheading?

There was anger for sure after the beheading, for me I must say that Australia is still a British Colony.

WHAT??? we are so not!

You have inherited their perspective.  The first time that GWAR went to the UK, I just remember hating it so much and they cancelled all of our shows as a British member of Parliament and the press managed to get everyone believing that this was a band that actually came over to kill people.


Putting aside the fact that, that a band would not be only commit mass murder when every night we play a show. They cancelled our performances all over the country. So the fact that the Aussies got their panties in a bunch about chopping the head off Tony Abbott seemed like it was an act of desecration. I don’t give a shit about who those people are, we destroy everything and that is part of the fun, chopping the head off somebody.

How about Donald Trump?

Yes this tour we smacked him around a lot. Also Hillary Clinton’s blood, I mean it’s just what we do. She put up a really good fight (laughing) but we managed to kill her. As you said GWAR is GWAR. I have to laugh at the people who said… We rolled out the red carpet and we made it  possible for them to come to Australia. I say Who gives a fuck! Really!  I could not believe their reaction. I say don’t take it it personally, GWAR  does it to everyone.

Your press release states that we are Earth’s most remote outcrop of human scum, and as your tour has received insane reviews and has even been called as triumphs of unimaginable genius there is no pressure at all to give each show your best show ever. No pressure….. Not at all!

Yeah! We are looking forward to go to Adelaide, that will be a small holiday for us, the city of Churches and serial killers.

Oh yeah and Kidnappers.

Yeah we are going to bring the Beamont children along with us.

Well they will not be children anymore, what it was 40 years ago?

A long fucking time ago!

Any other time you can spare to see our sights?

Prob not, we all have things to do so sadly not.

You are seriously one of the most resilient bands I have interviewed. Talk about having more than your share of bad luck.

Firstly, just after being here in Aus Dave sadly passed away. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been.  Is there a thought in your mind that playing the places you did just before he died will be rather emotional?

Absolutely, I had not really thought about it until the interviews by Australians. With it being mentioned it is like yes. I think that it was the last place he stepped on the stage, oh wait Japan was but one of the last places.  In some ways this is a cap on this period of mourning and honoring the cycle, which is what the record is about in some ways. Certainly not the only thing the record is about. It is about GWAR moving on. Being resilient like you said. The record is about that, it reflects that. Being in the same place that Oderus last walked, that is an incredible thing. I expect there will be some emotion. I mean that GWAR is not the band that likes to sit around hugging each other and crying, we don’t do that. I don’t know, we properly will hug each other and cry.

Maybe a drink and a toast.

Yeah good idea.

Now the band is going through having Mike suffer from Cancer. That is really crap. While I was researching you guys I got to really understand how important you are to your fans. The response from them supporting Mike with his treatment is truly amazing. Do you feel overwhelmed by fans support at times?

I think that Mike has felt overwhelmed by the fan support and their reaction to what is happening and it’ very typical of him as a person to take the opportunity to try and help other people and raise awareness for bone marrow transplants.. GWAR got the most people’s swabbed and entered into the system as  potential bone marrow donors than anyone has the before. That was a very positive thing. Good things will come out of it for sure, he’s doing really well and responding to treatment. We thought that we would have to take some time off during our tour we just did but he did not have to go home or anything like that which was very good. It was a step in the right direction. Now that we know what is going on we are pretty optimistic that he is going to be okay.

I read a fan comment  by David Peter “The fans are giving their bodily fluids back to the band that always gave their bodily fluids to their fans. Kudos to Gwar.

(BLOTHAR! thought this was hysterical.)

That is so true!

I feel that the awful things that have happened to the band, have and will continue to have a positive impact on your fans due to your resilience. Do you agree?

Yes I do. Good point. As I said there will be some good coming out of Mike’s illness.

Other musicians have supported you too, On FB I read about The Love Hope Strength organization, collaborative efforts from other bands and artists with Balsac benefit tshirts and auction items all to help Mike and really get a whole new generation of people signing up to become donors.

Are you amazed of the outpouring of support you guys have had?

Not really as musicians do help each other out. I think that musicians need help as we don’t have an insurance. So unless we put money away if something like this happens we don’t have the money to pay for the medical bills. It is a kind of existence that only other musicians will understand. It is one of the reason this country fucking sucks as you can’t get good health care so musicians knowing that always support one another in things like this.

I read on Facebook about a Call to Action to get fans to support a second series of your comic book.  Any update on this or is it still too early to say?

Yeah absolutely, we are going to have a run of comics. GWAR is going to keep putting out comics for sure. The comics are doing great, people love them. They are full of pictures so our fans don’t have to read. That is why I like it, I can sit on the toilet and flick through it and look at the pictures. That is what I enjoy doing.

I asked as I know some teenagers who asked me to ask you. So now I can tell them YES! They will be happy. Some of them struggle to read and comics are good for them.

haha. Comics are good for that and they are often associated with a low culture, and GWAR celebrates the low culture in all things. Comics are a different way of telling stories and you would be amazed about how many people who don’t know how to read that we know.

Certainly is a way of engaging those people.

Oh No! we have run out of time. Look forward to seeing you in April for your tour. Expectations are high! Feel free to decapitate anyone!

haha thanks we will. 




Blothar the Berskerer had this to say about the upcoming bloodbath: “People of Australia, koala bears, kangaroos, crocodiles, wallabies…lend me your ears…and your skulls, and all of your internal organs…GWAR is coming to turn the Land of Dreams into your worst nightmare. Fire up the barby, we are going to eat Australia!

As for the Adelaide scum and your worthless existence, the so-called “Rock Capital of Australia”… is that crack rock?  We shall turn the Great Australian Bight into our Great Australian BITE as our parting gift to Australia.”

GWAR are riding the wave of worldwide dominance with their new record The Blood of Gods, released by Metal Blade Records in October 2017. The new record, and the spectacular tour to support it, have been praised by fans and media alike as triumphs of unimaginable genius.

PLATINUM VIP M&G Ticket – 6 only per show – includes:

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  • Collectors set of 7 guitar picks
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GOLD VIP M&G Ticket:

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