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The Berkeley Hunts release “Life Living Impersonator”

Thanks to a lack of recordings and a lot of good friends, The Berkeley Hunts began as a band you saw out of trust. A few particularly glowing recommendations would lead you to the frantic vocals of singer, Andrew Casta, and the punchy double bass lines of Rick Mulchinock in venues across Melbourne.

Now joined by Jerome Knappett (of the flying so high-os) on drums and a few more friends on the record, the band have further developed a strong folk-punk sound with a pace that both compliments and contradicts the darker content of theirs songs and the fun they have whilst playing them.

The Berkeley Hunt’s first full length release, Life Living Impersonator, is refreshingly raw. What could easily be mistaken for erraticism is instead a collection of considered, dynamic songs with the energy of early AJJ and the grit and desperation that can only come from giving a lot of heart.

Life Living Impersonator will be available on January 15th both digitally and on vinyl via Bandcamp and other streaming services.

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