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Jenna Lotti chats to Jen about her new release ‘Honey’ and more!

PopMatters has described Jenna as an artist who “paints a sonically crystalline world for her catchy vocals to dance in while she moves to empower others through her music.” Jenna began exploring music as a creative outlet when she started writing poetry for self-medication. When her unique mix of vulnerability and soulful talent was met with an overwhelmingly positive response at local open mic nights, the blooming singer songwriter decided to commit to music fully. Jenna was nominated for “Female Performer of the Year” in 2016 and 2017 by The New England Music Awards, and will be releasing an EP later this year that distills her signature soul-drenched vulnerability into a broadly accessible touch of arena ready pop.

Hi Jenna, hope you are well.

 Hi Jen!

 I like to think that music is a form of self-medication, and my way of releasing anxiety. Interesting that you started out writing poems for this and it has lead into you becoming a outlet for this. Can you tell us a little more about this?

Yes! I started writing poetry to cope with anxiety and depression when I was about 15. It became my release and helped me get through tough times in my life (and still does). As I got older, I started to combine my love for music and writing and turned my poetry into songs.

jenna 2

 You mention childhood influences in your press release can you please elaborate on this?

I had a lot of childhood musical influences growing up. I always had music playing or my mom played music around the house. Some of the ones that come to mind are Frank Sinatra, James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Michael Jackson, Mariah & Whitney.

 From your family and friends who has inspired and supported you in particular?

Oh man. A lot of people, too many.  My husband, Chris Facey, who is also my co-writer and bandmate has believed in me since the day we met. My parents are my biggest supporters as well as my brother and sister. My inlaws, Pat & Jack, my mentor Susan Cattaneo, my producer Josh Friedman, my best friends. The list could go on and on! I have so much support in my life and couldn’t ask for better people around me.

 In your time as an artist you have been nominated for awards, been on LA Radio, had a day in the recording studio (please leave the answer for this for the question below) and you have not released your debut EP yet! Can you tell us of the world wind that has been your career so far?

 My career has been very exciting so far. I released my first album in 2014 and my second in 2016. Since then, I’ve been changing the direction of my sound a bit into more pop and have released 3 singles. I’ve played about 1000 shows over the course of 6 years and just tried to work as hard as I can. I recently have relocated to Los Angeles and feel like i’m starting over again in a way. The last few months have been the most challenging in my career so far but I’m still getting settled here.

 The House of Blues Boston with their 617Sessions chose you to be one of 10 local artists that received a day in the recording studio on them. Can you tell us what was that experience was like?

This was definitely one of the highlights for 2017. I was very honored to be asked to do this  and it was a lot of fun! My band and I got to record one song in one day at The Record Company in Boston. We recorded a song called “Hollywood” that I wrote. It will be on my upcoming EP.  The session was sponsored by The Boston Music Awards & Redefined which was so cool of them to give local artists time in the studio to create. It was a great experience.

Your single ‘Honey has been out around 12 days now; can you tell us what your fans reception was of the single?

 I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from my friends and supporters. This song is very different from anything I’ve put out so far. But overall it’s been positive!


Seriously ‘Honey’ is a tune that to quote your Facebook page is a song that people to listen to if they are ready to dance. You originally wrote ‘Honey’ to be a Bluesy song rather than a pop song. Can you tell us what changed your mind and how you went about mixing it up for release?

 Honestly, I just wasn’t feeling the original anymore. Once it was recorded, it didn’t sound the same as when we were playing it live. I decided to experiment with my producer, Josh Friedman, and we started completely from scratch. I wanted to make it into a dance song. So we started with the drums and built the song from there. We ended up loving this version so much more and it fit with the rest of the project.

 Having been a poet has really enhanced your talent when it comes to your lyrics. Your lyrics are VERY meaningful, and this could almost be said to be refreshing when we think of popular music in 2018. Having your hubbie help you write ‘Honey’ did this impact your lyrics? I can say that it is better that my hubbie and I have separate jobs haha.

Thank you SO MUCH! That means so much to me. I really work hard at writing meaningful lyrics. I don’t like writing nonsense because I have no connection to that. Ha, yes my hubbie has the same outlook on lyrics as I do! It’s great because he always understands what I’m trying to say and helps me. It’s not always so smooth when writing with him but for this song it was! lol.

 Random questions now ☺

 What are the top 5 songs that you listened to on Spotify/iTunes last year?

Dua Lipa (her whole album) “Still Feel like YouR Man” John Mayer, “Angela” The Lumineers, “Ocean Eyes” Billie Eilish and “On & Off” Maggie Rogers.

 If you could choose one artist that you aspire to be like, not just in music who would that be?

Rachel Platten comes to my mind. She worked tirelessly for years before Fight Song caught fire and she wasn’t 22 when that came out. It’s inspiring that someone can still follow their dreams and be a successful pop artist after 30 years old. I also love what she stands for. She’s very empowering.

 Do you have any pets?

No :/ I want a puppy one day though!

 Puppies are great! Name one place in the world that you would love to tour and why?

PARIS! I was in an immersion program growing up which means your classes at school are only in french grades 1-3 then grade 4-12 you speak half english/ half french at school. So I was fluent in French growing up (not anymore I lost it) and I’ve NEVER BEEN TO PARIS. I’m dying to go.

 What are you plans for 2018?

To release lots of music, tour and keep working on making my dreams come true 🙂

 Thanks Jenna. All the best from Australia.


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