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The Engagement release a MUST LISTEN to song….. called ‘Home’.

When I started listening to ‘Home’ it did not take me long to connect emotionally. I do like a song with a relatable message, and this is no exception.  Anyone that has fallen in love will agree with the concept of fighting battles to hold on to this amazing feeling and being with that person. Adding to this, David’s smooth vocals and the clever camera angle draws the listener in. Hayley Beatson’s guest vocals clevely adds depth and sweetness to the listener’s ears. I love a song that have vocals so beautiful they resonated in my mind for quite a while.

The Engagement have just finished a residency at Melbourne’s Grace Darling Hotel. Stay tuned for details on their upcoming National tour. Like them on Facebook here for more updates. 

Independent electro/pop project from Melbourne Australia, The Engagement has already released a collection of well-received singles without any sign of letting up. Melbourne’s Fox FM described the project as “a cool 80’s/retro sound”, while Triple M personality Jane Gazzo simply called it “Fantastic”. Drawing influences from some heavyweights of the prog rock and pop genres, such as Muse and Coldplay, The Engagement combines catchy melodies and edgy production with lyrical depth that creates a unique and addictive sound. 


Home is now available through all major online retailers and streaming services: Click here  for more details.

Jen got the chance to ask David some questions about their new release. 

Your press release states “‘Engagement’ is much more than a name for this project; it’s what happens to anyone who hears these songs. It’s hard to listen to any of their singles, (Closer, Unbroken, Let Go, just to name a few) without becoming an immediate fan.”

Was this an intention meaning of the name of your band? I would not think so but hey some people have more imagination than me!

David: Hahaha well I can tell you that was not our intention at all. One night in the studio my management team and I were randomly brainstorming names that we thought would sound cool as a project name and came up with ‘The Engagement.’ From then, we knew that was the one.

Fox Fm classifies you as a cool 80’s/retro sound. I agree, and I think that this sound grabbed me as I was lucky enough to be a teenager in the 80’s. Do you agree with that description of your music?

David: Yes, definitely. I was born in that era and listening to a lot of 80’s music as a kid influenced by mum and producer, I feel it reflects that in the music I write. One of my biggest idols who I look up to as a performer is Michael Hutchence from INXS

Michael Hutchence was literally my favourite singer/person for my teenager life. Do find that your fan base is the more mature in age due to this sound that is hard to find in new bands these days?

David: Hmm not really. Our music catalogue is vast in a variety of genres. Ultimately, it’s Pop music, but each song is different from the other. We dab into a bit EDM, future Bass, rap right through to rock and acoustic. Each genre I feel appeals to a different age demographic. We haven’t found our core fan base yet. We just try to write good songs that feel good, not ‘pigeonhole’ ourselves to one specific genre.

You have just finished your Residency at The Grace Darling Hotel, can you let us know your next live shows or is the National Tour still being planned?

David: Our next live show will be different from our electronic show, less theatrics and props as it’s going to be all stripped back and acoustic at a local music festival in Melbourne at The Brunswick Hotel called ‘Parmageddon 3’. Hosted by talented singer/songwriter Parmy Dhillon. It will held on Saturday March 3rd from 1pm. So the boys and I are really stoked for that as it’s something different to what we normally do live!

When is the video of your last show there going to be released? I would love to see that.

The video for our show will be released in the next month I’d say, no confirmed date yet. However, This Friday we will drop online an acoustic performance of ‘Home’ from our Residency Show.

I really like your music video for ‘Home’, during filming. Did it all go smoothly or is there a funny story you can tell us?

Thankyou! Lol well this is a bit of a story. The female singer in the music video is actually not Hayley Beatson but our synth player’s girlfriend! Hayley is now a lawyer, so her availability was crazy at the time. It was conflicting with 7 peoples’ schedules which made it difficult to find a date to get her on set. Hayley proposed the idea of finding another female to mimic her vocals. So that’s what we did.

Interesting! How does your writing process go? Can you tell us the writing process for ‘Home’ In particular?
David: I go to my producers recording studio just off chapel st every Monday night after work. There is where all the magic happens! We don’t have a real set way on the creative process as such, but usually my producer will come up with the music first. I will listen to the music on loop to get a vibe for the song and see if I can come up with a melody followed by writing lyrics.

With writing ‘Home,’ a couple of years back I was playing around in my bedroom with some random riffs on my guitar and fancied what I heard. I brought it to the studio for my producer to listen to, he liked it so we started working on the song.
‘Home’ is actually a 2-year-old song that we wrote a couple of years back that we shelved. We thought it was a too good of a song to not release so began re-recording vocals and adding to the demo track late last year.

Thanks David for the chat and new music for me to listen to. I look forward to many more songs to add to my playlist.




‘Engagement’ is much more than a name for this project; it’s what happens to anyone who hears these songs. It’s hard to listen to any of their singles, (Closer, Unbroken, Let Go, just to name a few) without becoming an immediate fan.

Fresh off the release of previous single Unbroken, which gained 200,000 listens across popular streaming platforms, The Engagement is quickly gaining fans in Australia and around the world.

Check out Unbroken here


With previous singles Let Go and Unbroken receiving over 300,000 streams between them, Melbourne’s own electro/pop four-piece are ready to kick off 2018 with another powerful single in Home. After having their collaboration with Ru.CL “a production that just has to be heard” (EDMJoy), this time The Engagement have chosen to collaborate with singer Hayley Beatson.

The band are bringing their energetic live performance to audiences in 2018, with a residency at Melbourne’s Grace Darling Hotel currently underway and a national tour in the works to follow. The four-piece project are showing no signs of slowing down. An emotional song about love and the battles that we fight for it;

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