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The Pier Street Band Interviews!

After a hugely successful debut event in 2017, Frankston warmly welcomes The Pier Street Party back in 2018 and will be hitting the street outside The Pelly Bar & Pier Bandroom on Saturday February 24.  The one day outdoor festival line up is HUGE with Thundamentals snagging the headline spot, supported by the impressive Art vs Science, Gyroscope, The Getaway Plan, Rackett and Jesswar!  WHAT AN EVENT!!
This rockin’ summer festival boasts food trucks, pop up bars and an outdoor stage showcasing these super talented Aussie artists.  Even the Lord Mayor of Frankston is excited about the event saying “Frankston City is ready to rock as the Pier Street Party prepares for its second year. Council is delighted that our city will be hosting world class acts at this fantastic event for the community and visitors to enjoy.”
So, if you’re a Frankston local, or you’re keen to make the trip down from the big smoke, this street party will definitely be worth your while!
Jen chats to the bands on the line up:

You guys are all Australians, can you tell me where you guys are from?

 The Getaway Plan :We all grew up in the South Eastern Suburbs.

Rackett : We are based in Sydney but we come from different parts of Australia and South East Asia.

Jesswar: I’m Fijian But I Grew up on the Gold Coast.

 Can you describe your genre of music?

 Alternative Rock is our standard response to that question, but we try not to pigeonhole ourselves.

RACKETT is a mixture between pop, punk and rock. Kind of like Black Sabbath meets Spice Girls.

New Anthem rap. Bass driven Hip-hop with anthem like Hooks

Pier Street Party 4 bands artwork

 Please let us know what you are going to bring to the Party in regard to the enjoyment of the Pier Street Party punters?

 The same kinda show we usually play, only Frankston-ified (Pyro, confetti canons, back up dancers, etc.)

Bright costumes, fuzz heavy riffs and crowd antics. Who knows, Bec might shave her head again on stage.

Our set is a hip-hop dance party vibe so expect to be sweaty in the mosh pit for 40 mins

 Will you hang around after your set on the day/night? 

As long as we’re all in bed by 9PM.

We would love to, although we have to fly straight back to Sydney to open Patti Smith’s new exhibition at the MCA gallery!

For Sure! I wanna see the other acts before we fly back to brissy

Do you have any set rituals/routines just before going on stage?

Drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, staring competitions and stressing.

Kat and Bec practice their splits, while I go to the toilet and Astrid grabs us the drinks.

I normally just lock myself in the dressing room, jump around and rehearse for 10 mins before the set

 What is the first thing you do when you get off stage?

 Get back on to pack up our gear.

Hug each other and then debrief on what we did well and what we could have done better.

Grab some water, sit down and relax. Then I have a spiced rum and ginger beer.

What were your 2017 highlights?

 We did an anniversary tour for our first LP in September which was pretty special. Otherwise we laid pretty low.

Well to name a few – touring with the Darkness (UK) and playing at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, touring with Killing Heidi around rural Australia, releasing our debut EP Ready or Not, self recording/producing our next EP to release this year and getting to spend heaps of time together touring Australia. Winning the AHA Rockin’ The Puburbs award, out of hundreds of Australia bands, with the most amazing price. It’s allowed us to fund our next tour and we’ll get to see some really cool rural areas this year touring our new single ‘Alive’.

The whole of 2017 was a highlight for me but one of the best moments was signing to Golden Era. I’m really stoked to be apart of such a powerful label.

 Have you just released some music?

 Our last record (Dark Horses) was released in 2015.



We have just released our next single ‘Alive’ which was recorded, produced, and mixed by RACKETT at Kat and Astrid’s studio – Forces and Fury in Marrickville. Check it out here

Yep, I just released my debut single ‘SAVAGE’


What was your last post on Facebook about? 

The Getaway Plan FacebookMerch!

RACKETT Facebook Our last post was about our new single ‘Alive’ with a massive tour poster of dates for Feb/Mar. Get amongst it!! 

My last post was About our set at Laneway Festival

Choose a band member to tell us the following Last song listened to on Spotify/iTunes

 Bekon – Catch Me If You Can

‘My Jinji’ by Sunset Rollercoaster

ASAP FERG – Plain Jane

 The song that you most enjoy playing live

 Dark Horses

Ready or Not by RACKETT


 What is your favourite Festival snack?



The swirly potato stick thing

 Your first ever instrument that you learnt to play (including recorder! Haha)


Well other than recorder which is an obvious start – I started with classical piano.


 The one person in the world that supports you the most, so you can do what is your passion in life.


My parents – they’ve given me the time and money to help me pursue what I want to do. Always supported me, even if it has meant knowing their daughter is living a poor life and is always going to ask them for money to eat/pay rent so I can tour and play music.

My mum, she’s a boss.

 Do you have any other creative talents? Design etc

 None whatsoever.

I do love fashion and dressing the band, I’m a good driver and I have great taste in music and answering Q&A’s.

I love to make t-shirts. I use to work in a Tee shirt bar so I would design and press my own merch

  What are your plans for 2018? 

 No plans as of yet. We’re just enjoying down time for now. We’re always writing new music though.

We’re going to keep recording and releasing songs. We’ve also got a video clip coming your way for our new single ‘Alive’ and hopefully a few more this year. We’ll also be touring all around Australia for most of the year so I think we’ll be heavily focused on that. We will also be taking some time off to write a new set and get that up and running for the end of the year. Lots to come!

Can’t wait to unleash my Debut EP and release more video clips. Overall I just want to push for bigger things and keep growing. I have a few gigs I’m excited to announce and keen to see the response from my EP.


Pier Street Party poster art

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