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Lizzy Loeb releases ‘Impossible Sound’ Premiered here! Right now!

Music Injection is pleased to premiere Lizzy Loeb’s new single ‘Impossible Sound’. This song has waves of Lizzy’s smooth vocals that splash gently over you. It has a chill factor in it that can be used for escapism or as Lizzy puts it “I needed an anthem for when my fiancé and I got in a domestic and I stormed off in the car and drove towards the Pacific. So I wrote myself a chill driving to the Pacific song. Chill indeed!


When Lizzy was asked what is in the near future for her she replied “This is the first of a string of singles that I will be putting out in the next few months. I promised myself and my loved ones, especially my father who I just lost, that i would start sharing my music.”  This promise is a promise I am glad that she kept. Keep an eye out here for more tunes from Lizzy in the future.

single art - impossible sound.jpg


Born in New York and now based in LA, Lizzy has music running through her veins. At 15 she started writing and playing the guitar. Both parents were musicians and she grew up with music as part of the household. Drawing influences from James Taylor, Stevie Wonder and The Beatles to Ella Fitzgerald, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Mariah Carey and Sting. What a mix! 

Lizzy is finishing up her new album as well as playing some gigs.  I am looking forward to hearing the album as if ‘Impossible Sound’ is any indication it will be a classic! Lizzy is also currently based in the Los Feliz area and is using her time wisely and collaborating with many other local artists. 

Her next gig is at The Hotel Cafe on 3/17  @ 9:30PM in Los Angeles. 

LIZZY LOEB - Press Shot

Other info about Lizzy

Daughter of jazz guitarist Chuck Loeb and Spanish singer Carmen Cuesta 

She released her first album (“The One”) independently in 2007. After the release, she was signed to Universal Publishing and toured in Europe.

Lizzy moved back to NYC in 2009, where she performed in the local circuit hitting the classic spots such as The Living RoomRockwoodThe Bitter End and others.

Two years ago year she was cast as the understudy of the female lead (voice of Wendla) and performed in the Spring Awakening revival on Broadway. She’s based in the Los Feliz area and collaborating with many local artists, including her sister in CUESTA LOEB.


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