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Ben Talmi’s ‘The Fear of Missing Out’ is a song with a powerful message!


‘The Fear of Missing Out’ is a much needed anthem for the youth of today sung by the youth of today. Hearing this from the same generation it does not come across as preachy, like the older generation looking down at them. Lyrics such as “tools that keep us in each other’s lives” and ‘we are too scared to unplug’ is full of meaning about the modern technology and the lack of alone time, ‘ If you are scared of living in the moment though just shut your phone I promise you  that the planet won’t explode‘. Wow! this message needs to get out therefore this song needs and should be on every radio station.  

It is not only the message that this song should be applauded for.  Recorded in one take and the song was written in 3 weeks by Ben Talmi who shut himself away with his guitar demonstrates the pure talent. The song is catchy and draws the listener in. ‘The Fear of Missing Out’ is a MUST LISTEN! 



A music video was shot at the Williamsburg Public Library in Brooklyn New York.


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