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Blaudzun releases a new single ‘Islands’.

‘Islands’ is one of those songs that is best listened to with headphones laying on a bed. This is how I first listened to Blaudzun’s submission. I can imagine this played live at a Festival as well. I like the build up musically that leads to beautiful sweet vocals. Do yourself a favour and check out ‘Islands’ below.



Ever since the release of his self-titled debut album in 2008, Johannes Sigmond goes by the name of Blaudzun, named after a relatively unknown Danish cyclist from the 70s. Following his second LP Seadrift Soundmachine in 2010, Blaudzun got his international breakthrough with the release of Heavy Flowers in 2012, which was also released in the US and achieved a golden status in The Netherlands. 

After playing festivals such as SXSW, CMJ, Sziget, Pinkpop and Lowlands, Blaudzun released his fourth album Promises of No Man’s Land in 2014. The album reached #1 in the Dutch album charts and has also been released in several European countries, which brought him to perform at big outdoor festivals like Hurricane and Southside (Germany) and Bravalla Festival (Sweden). 

Jupiter was a necessary process. After gaining both commercial success and critical acclaim for Heavy Flowers (2012) and Promises Of No Man’s Land (2014), drawing from that same wellspring wasn’t an option. Blaudzun had a strong urge to work outside the constraints of a contrived plan. While _UP_ serves as the finale to the narrative, the record became a clear departure from Blaudzun’s original vision: “I discovered that I prefer my wine more ripened, not so much the first harvest.”

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