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KVMO and Massive Vibes release “Physical” feat. Ashdown.

“Physical” starts off slow then picks up pace turning into a dance track. Unique sounding music, and smooth vocals  A must listen to! 

Physical” feat. Ashdown is the newest single from KVMO and Massive Vibes out now on emerging indie imprint, CloudKid. A slow burning electronic ballad, “Physical” seamlessly blends elements of dance music and rock. Creating an ultra rich soundscape, the final component of the track arrives in the form of a mesmerizing vocal performance from Ashdown. KMVO’s and Massive Vibes partnership with Cloudkid represents a new chapter for both the producer and label as they embark on a year jam packed with releases.

KVMO Pic 1

About KVMO:

KMVO describes himself as the “unwritten page”. Through his music he aims to create a sound that brings out listeners deep emotions through a heavy use of synths and melody. Producing is his meditation, it pushes him forward with the central goal of creating music that fans will fall in love with.  For the future, KMVO plans to continue pursuing music while also creating his own clothing brand.  He says that without music, the world would be a sad and boring place, and he aims to change that by making his tracks heard all over the globe.  His partnership with CloudKid does just that, by bringing his sounds to a streaming service near you.

About Massive Vibes:

Massive Vibes is made up of two regular dudes with a passion for music and creativity. When they’re not busy in the studio, you can catch these guys either hanging out with friends or working on graphic design. To them, music is a sanctuary.  With their sounds they aim to connect with fans on an emotional level, allowing each listener to experience it in their own way.  Working with Cloudkid has been a goal for Massive Vibes for some time, and they are very excited to finally announce this partnership on Physical.


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