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NO ALARMS second single “Amateur Telephony” is out now!

The best thing for his musical career that Andrew Boyles made was to move to Detroit and pick four talented musicians to join him to make up No Alarms.  “Amateur Telephony” is the second single off their debut EP. This song is super catchy, in your face and memorable vocals. Love the bass line as well. Check it out below! 


After nearly an entire decade of searching for the ideal sound to share with the world, multi-instrumentalist Andrew Boles (Vocals, Guitar, Synth) made the most important move of his life by moving to Detroit to bring his music-career to the next-level in 2016. Immediately beginning work on a vibrant new record with a versatile sound & diverse lineup of tracks with cohesive threads running all throughout the material – the groundwork for the signature style of No Alarms started to take shape.

In effort to bring the full-scope of his vision for the No Alarms sound to its full potential, Boles decided to shift away from solo-life to a three-piece band, taking on the incredible talents of Jack Reedy (Drums), Stephen Warner (Synth), and Jordan McLanson (Bass) into the official lineup to play the songs live. Immediately discovering the depths of the bond between them – the songs Boles had written never sounded better; the high-energy melodies and dynamically transformative, wild indie-rock music of No Alarms became the realized version of its intentions & ambitions.

Determined to make their mark in 2018 – No Alarms has their route to establishing themselves in the music-scene entirely mapped out. With a debut self-titled EP set for release and a tour planned for May this year, in addition to music-videos/promos in the works – these guys are ready to make the most of every single moment with highly memorable material supercharged with widespread appeal.


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