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The Collier release a gem of a debut single ‘I’m Older’!


The Collier take you on a journey during listening to ‘I’m Older’ We can all relate to growing older! This song also is tinged with sadness as we all need love. Music video and song reminds me of a younger Coldplay. Listen below.


The Collier kick of their 2018 catalogue with I’m Older’s chilled out vibe and pumping rhythm. This is a sad song as well as relating to coming of age. The Band have worked with producer Ali Staton (Razorlight, Pulp, Richard Ashcroft) to create a unique blend of musical textures that guitar based genres are so clearly missing.

The band were founded in 2015 with members spanning from across the UK. Singer Josh Hixson says “I don’t think of it as a song about ageing I think of it as the cathartic end of my relationship with a person. It’s personal because I’m trying to say that I love this person and didn’t want them to leave and once they did it thinking about all the time I wasted And how I’m trying to get a reason for carrying on.”

I’m Older is accompanied with an award winning music video directed by David Morris (Coldplay, James Bay, Ben Howard), prior to release it has picked up a MOFF(Monthly Online Film Festival Award) and been selected for this years Berlin Music Video Awards(Best Budget video).”

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