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Halcyon Drive release new music video ‘Silver Ray’. Check it out here.

Halcyon Drive is made up of two uni mates studying in Melbourne. They have just released ‘Silver Ray’ with a music video that will keep your interest. This plus the melodies and vocals will give you an overall impression of the talent these guys share. Keep an eye out for their debut album and a national tour coming up. 




At the heart of creative design lies a fundamental understanding of structure and experimentation. Be it music, art, technology or utility, the underlying concepts remain the same. It’s no coincidence that Halcyon Drive was born when Mick Oechsle and Max Pamieta met studying design together at university; their ability to understand the process of creative design – to imagine, conceptualise, improvise, challenge, ideate and to ultimately create something out of nothing – has had great influence on the shape and sound of the project as a whole.

Based in Melbourne, their class only consisted of five or six students, so it was inevitable that the pair began to chat, bonding through a love of music. After discovering that they both played instruments, they started hanging out and playing together. Though Halcyon Drive technically began as Mick’s solo project, it wasn’t long before Max, who would initially join Mick on stage to add energy to the performance, became a permanent member. To this day, they split the creative process down the middle.

That background knowledge of design proved hugely beneficial to their unique approach, particularly in terms of finding confidence in their own ideas, and of “knowing at what point one should grovel in the detail, and when it is okay to bin an idea,” Max explains. Pooling together a massive range of influences from Queens of the Stone Age, Fall of Troy and Spoon to St Vincent, Neil Finn and David Byrne, they carved their own sound through hours of jamming and performing together. Initially taking cues from pop-centric indie, they grew a little “weirder” and more “different”, ultimately releasing two EPs, 2014’s Cruel Kids and 2016’s Untethered.

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