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The Karmanauts release a new single ‘Let Me Go’.

The Karmanauts from California have dropped a single ‘Let Me Go’ that is Indie Rock at its absolute best. Michael Stephenson, Dominic Romano, and Sam Kaplan-Good who make up The Karmanauts met and studied music together at College. Their combined expertise has produced a gem of a song in ‘Let Me Go’. The song has a catchy tune, smooth vocals and a great meaning. This is made clear by the direct lyrics. The guitar solo around 1.50 is worth a listen. Check it out here. 


Michael tells us more about The Karmanauts.

We (Michael Stephenson, Dominic Romano, and Sam Kaplan-Good) are based out of Humboldt County, California in the beautiful redwood forests along the coast.  All three of us studied music in college and have worked as studio musicians or engineers and are now thrilled to be recording and producing this original music together.

I (Michael Stephenson) write most of the songs for The Karmanauts either alone or with friends. I have played in many professional groups of various genres (rock, reggae, salsa, calypso, jazz, classical, among others) but have always found myself gravitating back to rock and pop, which are the styles that first made me excited about music as a child.

We recorded most of the album at my home studio near Moonstone Beach (which we now call Moonstone Studios), which inspired us to name the album “Moonstone.”  The drums were tracked at Bongo Boy, a wonderful studio in Humboldt.

Check out The Karmanauts on Socials here.

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