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Let’s Talk’ is a catchy indie pop song from Wakefields The Hyde. It reflects them as stated by Charlie Beck, as the song is about being at that stage in your life when you don’t really know what you want to do in the future. I love the honesty in this song and contrast between the lyrics which are tinged with sadness and the upbeat music. You can check it out here. 


Indie-pop scamps The Hyde are back with their infectious new single Let’s Talk today (available on all download/streaming platforms via the HA! Music label) and a new video to accompany the track. Let’s Talk combines tropical guitar, pop synths, and melancholy lyrics with the heartfelt honesty of teenage boys grappling with their ever-changing worries and emotions.

Let’s Talk is about two people who are both wanting to go down different paths in life,” explains singer/guitarist Charlie Beck. “One wants to follow their dreams, the other wants to stay safe in the same place they’ve always known. It’s about being young and naive and not knowing what you truly want in life just yet, which probably sums us up perfectly!”

The Hyde are an indie pop band from Wakefield. Like their fellow Northern indie heroes The Cribs and Blossoms, they create music for people to dance, sing and fall in and out of love to – preferably all in the same night. Taking an admirably old school approach to earning their stripes as a band, the teenagers have been cutting their teeth in live venues and festival stages around West Yorkshire for the past couple of years and now turn their attention nationwide.

Find The Hyde at and now.

The Hyde - Let's Talk - Artwork

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