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Danielle Deckard release a gem called ‘Honey’.

Winter won’t seem so cold when Danielle Deckard’s album is released! Her music warms my heart. Her second single off  her new album is called ‘Honey. Danielle is a singer/songwriter based in Sydney. Using her surrounds such as ‘Chinatown district’ was used to shoot her music video for this song and what a video it is! Inspired by Blade Runner it was directed by notable Australian director Jefferton James. ‘Honey’s’ theme is based around the ending of a relationship and the feeling of loneliness that occurs. Check out this song below.




More about Danielle here

Continuing the theme established with 2017’s “Happy”, Danielle again draws inspiration from the sounds and visuals of the early 80s. The song, directed at the eponymous “Honey”, documents the ending of a relationship. The song’s production accentuates this feeling of loneliness, casting the subtle vocal melody against a dark, reverberant space – populated with crystalline electric guitars, distant FM synthesisers, and a spongy fretless bassline.

In April 2018, Danielle will be launching a Pozible crowdfunding campaign in support of the Happy project. Rewards for pledging will include custom t-shirts, a songbook, and a vinyl release of the album.


Her first single off her new album is Happy. Check it out here.


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