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Hotel Mira releases ‘3AM Lullaby’.

‘3AM Lullaby’ caught my attention because of it’s super catchy melodies and Charlie Kerr’s unique vocals. Hotel Mira fronted by Kerr display their talent not just by having a meaningful contagious tune but their energy. The song discusses our desire as babies to be held and sung to and how that feeling never really goes away. Later in life that need is still there but takes a different form. See more detailed info below. Take a listen! 



About the song

 “How do you sleep at night? As babies we longed for someone to hold us and sing to us softly to make the bad thoughts go away. All of us, on one level or another, desire the feeling of being safe and loved. That desire, in my opinion, never actually ends, it just evolves and shape-shifts. That void, loneliness and pain still exists in us well into adulthood so… now what? This song aims to explore that question. It also tries to factor in the additional psychic pain that this generation is enduring that comes as a direct result of being so up-to-date and aware and informed on all the fucked up things that are going on all over the world at one given time. Everyone has some sort of distraction or comfort to combat these feelings of dread or hopelessness. For some it’s the feeling of a job-well-done, others turn to drugs or casual sex or wrangling likes and comments on social media. But ultimately the pain of existing is something we all share and should bring us together and yet so often it makes us feel isolated from the rest of humanity. Why is that?”


Vancouver’s Hotel Mira is the latest project fronted by JPNSGRLS mastermind Charlie Kerr. The singer and his new bandmates—guitarist Colton Lauro and bassist Mike Noble—have taken the sound out of the garage and into a considerably lusher musical landscape, as heard on Hotel Mira’s self-titled debut EP. Working with producer Dave Schiffman (Vampire Weekend, HAIM), Kerr directed his creative energy at writing sharper hooks and more memorable melodies. The results are songs that boast anthemic, soaring choruses while sacrificing none of their sheer rock ’n’ roll energy.

The sound showcased on the Hotel Mira EP may be more dressed-up and polished, but it’s still rough around the edges in all the best ways. Or, as Kerr aptly puts it: “If I had to describe what the new music sounds like to me, visually, it would be like a worn-out tuxedo. I’m assuming that people are going to say that this sounds like a poppier thing, compared to lots of the stuff that I’ve done, but this is kind of what I’ve been getting at the whole time,” the singer says. “I think it’s really cool when someone finds a song really catchy right away. It’s a hard thing to do, and it’s more or less what I’m gunning for.”

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