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Samuel J Releases New Awe-inspiring Song, “Embrace”.


Samuel J is actively trying to improve the world we live in. Not by just giving us his calming music but is the real deal. He talks the talk but also walks the walk.  ‘Embrace’ is not only a contagious tune but a song that is dripping in meaning. I like the lyrics “Just stand right here, stop running around, running around, when the answer has always be with you.” These lyrics resonate with me as I spent a lot of wasted time in my life running around, worried about the future and what others thought of me. Not any more! Take a listen to see if agree or just take a listen to enjoy the song. 



More about Samuel.

Los Angeles, CA –  In preparation for the release of his album and life’s best works, Into the Light, Samuel J debuted his encouraging new single “Embrace.” The track embodies luminescence and possesses an infectious melody that will resonate with every listener’s ear. The soulful and uplifting lyrics create the perfect vehicle for his polished and feathery vocals. “Embrace” is now available for download and streaming on your favorite digital music platform.


Samuel J, a global artist who has performed for His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s 70th birthday celebration, is on the track to becoming a world-renowned artist, and already has a strong fan base in Los Angeles, New York City, Bali and Brazil. With his new release, “Embrace,” it’s clear that his world travels have a profound impact on his music composition. His use of the marimba on the track creates a reverberating sound, which is the intro to a wistful and optimistic song about embracing the trials and tribulations of life and allowing yourself to move forward. The single finds the perfect balance between its potent message and its vivacious production without being contrived.


Samuel J has successfully toured with many artists including Ben Harper, Michael Franti, Jack Johnson, Jurassic 5 and more. He has collaborated with sponsors in leading surf brands like Mormaii, Alma Surf and 69 Slam. As a well-known singer-songwriter, composer and producer within the music industry, this has allowed him to use his platform to discuss and engage in world issues that he holds dear to his heart.  He regularly contributes to the conservation world through affiliations with Sea Shepherd, Ocean Care, Save The Children and World Peace One. Through his music and open discussion with his audience, Samuel J hopes to bring optimism, clarity and consciousness to his listeners, enabling them to contribute the world in a positive and productive way.


“Embrace” is now available for download and stream worldwide on digital platforms. Continue to watch Samuel J for new releases throughout 2018. Keep up with Samuel J through his website

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