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Rees Finley releases “Reckless” a very unique song!

“Reckless” is Rees Finley’s second single. The first time I listened I thought it was  incredible that Rees was able to take a look at tendencies to self destruct but keeping the tune happy and sweet. Like a comedian at a comedy show taking the mickey out of him/herself. Worth a listen!



More information about Rees Finley.

Rees Finley is a frenetic bedroom pop artist originally from Columbus, Ohio now living in Los Angeles, California. “Reckless” is his second single since the release of “Songs 1-5” in late 2017. Like many of Rees’ previous releases, “Reckless” is entirely self-produced and performed by the artist. Finley continues to explore lyrical themes of neurosis and self-destructive tendencies while keeping the music light and jubilant. Of the contrast, Rees says, “Overly serious introspection has always been kind of disgusting to me. There’s something disturbing about artists who aren’t able to laugh at their misfortune. I don’t necessarily intend for my music to be funny per se, but I’ve always been fascinated by comedians and humorists who use their wit to balance the often depressing subject matter that they discuss.” Rees has performed up and down the California coast and will be playing a string of shows in the Midwest in late July. He will release several more singles and music videos in the coming months.

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