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Stop Dragging Me Down the newest single for Overplay.

Seriously I can’t get enough of Overplay. They are just starting out and already have the pop punk sound mastered. Their songs are meaningful and the vocalists really add to the overall sound that is Overplay. ‘Stop Dragging Me Down’ is a message to all those people who need to get free from negative people who drag them down. Life is too short not to find happiness. The 2000’s sound is from my fav era of pop punk and their sounds are reminiscent of bands such as Simple Plan and Sum 41. All the pop punk fans out there I suggest you take a listen here. 


More Info about Overplay. 

Overplay is a three-piece Pop Rock group from Glendale, Arizona. “Stop Dragging Me Down” is the classic 2000s jam about the girlfriend being taken away by the jock. This is filled with loud and energetic instrumentation to support to the pop rock/punk rock style. The vocals are sending a very hard hitting message to people, saying not to let anything drag them down and to let go of things stopping them from being happy.
Directed/Edited by: Braden Young Lighting Design/Key Grip: Matthew and Geoff Swanson PA: Tyler Cruz Recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by JJ Corirossi.

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