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Katie Frank releases ‘The Delusion.’ her third single.

Katie Frank has released her third indie pop gem ‘The Delusion.’ This guitar ladden tune explores what happens we ‘give in the The Delusion’.  Within this we can achieve more than in reality. As a personal in a wheelchair I can relate as my mind is wired still that I can get up a walk or even run however it just can’t happen. So I guess this means that Katie’s song is very relatable. Check it out below. 



More info on Katie Frank

Katie Frank started out in Philadelphia as a solo songwriter with a voice, a few songs and an acoustic guitar. It didn’t take long for her to round up a band of solid musicians and stamp out her name as a dynamic writer with a powerful sound. 88.5 WXPN’s John Vettese describes, “Katie Frank doesn’t fit easily into the singer-songwriter stereotype, and that’s exactly what makes her a singer-songwriter to watch. She’s introspective but she’s aggressive, she isn’t embarrassed to open up and be earnest, but she won’t take any gruff either.”

After a few years of playing locally, touring and headlining some of the biggest festivals in the region, she teamed up with Philadelphia producer/multi-insrumentalist Kevin J. Killen to create full length album. The two of them recorded and played all the instruments themselves and, again, have dipped from the great pool of musicians Philadelphia has to offer to put together a stellar band that brings these songs to life at her shows.

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