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My Elephant Ride release ‘MAP OF THE STARS’

‘MAP OF THE STARS’ by My Elephant Ride caught my attention as it is a dreamy song that I could use to relax. It is not my normal choice of music but this soulful indie pop tune spoke to my soul. I like songs that make me contemplate the direction my life is going and ‘MAP OF THE STARS’ is one of those songs. Get behind this local Melbourne band My Elephant Ride by checking them out below. 



More info about My Elephant Ride

My Elephant Ride make cosmic and soulful indie pop. First taste of their upcoming full- length, ‘MAP OF THE STARS’  was released on April 23rd 2018.

Map of the Stars is a romantic journey about finding happiness in uncharted territories, and sees Chev return to lead vocals for the first time since ‘In The Water’.

The Melbourne three-piece released their debut album ‘Into The Jungle’ late 2016, hailed for its sweet blend of “hazy guitars, tinkling keys and smoky vocal lines” (The Music), with debut single ‘In The Water’ being paired with “one of the most impressive local music videos of the year” (Tonedeaf).

The band has spent 2017 writing and producing their second full-length record

‘Beyond The Skin’, exploring love, gender, sexuality, faith and what lies on the other side. Self-recorded in various locations between Bali and Melbourne, the close-knit group have collaborated with Simon Lam (Kllo) to hone a more pop-oriented sound while honouring their individual idiosyncrasies.

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