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Quinn Lewis has releases another awesome single ‘Weekend Luv’.

I know I say many songs I post are super catchy…. well this is amazingly super catchy! Quinn is fast becoming one of my fav artists. His smooth vocals make a return in this song about wanting a real love, not one just for the weekend. If you have not heard Quinn Lewis yet take a listen and catch up with his news here.



More on Quinn Lewis

Quinn Lewis , the Australian-born and Nashville-based artist, has taken the indie-pop world by storm with the release of his recent singles “Slipping” and “In Between.”

” Weekend Luv ” is a cry for a real, seven-day-a-week kind of love. Quinn talks about the struggle of life getting in the way – work, plans, friends – and striving to find a love that isn’t just reserved for the weekends, but a love that gets you through Monday night. A thematic cousin to Etta Jame’s “A Sunday Kind of Love,” “Weekend Luv” will be stuck in your head for days, because it’s just that catchy.

Quinn Lewis’ most recent release, “In Between” has nearly 200K plays on  Spotify and has received attention from numerous tastemakers.

Imperfect Fifth says, “What’s most captivating about this track is the effortless flow from verse to chorus without competition between vocals and instrumental. It has a driving beat and creates an urge to dance yet has a calming effect. With its memorable melody, buttery vocals and passionate lyrics, ‘In Between’ is bound to be a summer hit.”

Aipate says of the track, “You can feel the sublime infusion of finger snaps and R&B elements. Its hook is one that will live in your head for quite some time. The gliding vocals are also powerful enough to complement the great composition, making the song quite a great piece.”

When the Horn Blows says, “Quinn Lewis is back with another infectiously catchy pop hit, ‘In Between’, combining his smooth vocals with a rhythm that makes the track irresistible to dance to.”

“In Between” has also received attention from numerous tastemakers like Alfitude Music is My Life Future House Cloud , and continues to win hearts over.



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