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Escapade release new single ‘Take My Love’.

‘Take My Love’ by Escapade has a touch of the 60’s and a little of the 90’s in its sound. Either way it is a great rock song with catchy riffs and classic rock style vocals. Follow Escapade below and if you live in England I encourage you to go and see them live. Wish I could! Check out the song below to find out what I am talking about!


More info on Escapade

Embracing influences across the band from sixties sounds to Oasis, The Stone Roses and Leicester legends Kasabian, the quartet stirred attention from day one after releasing debut EP ‘Stepping Stones’. The increasingly individual sound soon saw the support relentlessly grow as they released single ‘Red Sky’ in 2017. They continued to flourish and breed new imagination and maturity, evidential in their new material.

Escapade grew from the creative union of singer/songwriter/guitarist Sam Wyatt and guitarist/songwriter Adam Bailey, emerging in 2015 with its potent line-up fully completed by bassist Jordan Alleston and drummer Martin Wenham adding their creative talents.

Having recently won the Midlands stage of the SoundWaves Music Competition and performing in front of a sold out O2 Academy Birmingham crowd, this year is the time for Escapade to make a rich impact on the British rock scene.

Live dates:

The Cookie – Leicester 19/05/18

Cavern Club – Liverpool 20/05/18

O2 Institute 3 (SoundWaves Music Competition Final) – Birmingham 23/06/18


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