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I Know You Know release ‘The Rules of Attraction’.

I Know you Know’s newest song ‘The Rules of Attraction’ is Aussie Indie Rock at it’s best. Fast paced and relatable lyrics combine to make this song the song you listen to today! Designed to take you on a journey like playing a video game once the song has started there is no stopping. Adam Barns produced ‘The Rules of Attraction’ and it was recorded at One Flight Up Studios in Sydney. If you like great Indie Rock then take a listen below.  

‘I Know You Know’ is an indie rock band based in Sydney, Australia. Formed in late 2017, the band consists of singer and songwriter Alex Toh, guitarist Sam Aylward, bassist Love Ernving and drummer Gerardo Torres.

Drawing from influences like Arctic Monkeys, Blur, The Strokes and other bands from the golden age of Britpop and the garage-rock revival, ‘I Know You Know’ deliver a special blend of retro-inspired guitar-pop sounds with lyrics examining the millennial facade of the modern age.
About the song – The Rules of Attraction

‘The Rules of Attraction’ is the guitar-driven and melodically supercharged debut single from Sydney-based rock band ‘I Know You Know’. The head bobbing rhythm combined with the instantly approachable melodies propels the song from start to finish like a rollercoaster complete with just the right number of jolts and turns.

The lyrics capture the mundaneness of the modern age and yearning for a more extraordinary life. The wry lines are delivered with raw honesty, while the chorus provides the sense of hope in realising our dreams, topped off with a cathartic outro.

When I wrote The Rules of Attraction, I wanted to capture that feeling of playing an old video game. I wanted to channel the zeitgeist of possibility, imagination and of the carefree times of childhood. When a game could captivate your imagination just by hearing a chiptune melody of the opening credit screens. When your imagination could transport you to another world on a wild adventure, and then make your heart melt when you finished it, only to realise you were in your living room the whole time.

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