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Lenny Zenith releases a power pop tune “What If The Sun”.

Lenny Zenith has had an amazing colourful music career stretching back to the 70’s as a punk rocker, moving on to a pop band and is a true pioneering trans artist. The song takes influences from all aspects of his life, musically and personally. “What If The Sun” is a no nonsense song that asks us a simple yet thought provoking song, what is the sun really fell out of the sky? Then the world would end. Kudos to Lenny as he inspires millions around the word with his journey not only as a trans artist but as a person. WTG Lenny.



Lenny and his bandmate James Pertusi have also combined forces to launch a new imprint called  XYYX Records (XgenderXgenre) to release the album; they wanted to create their own genre-free label in hopes of highlighting artists who are especially, but not exclusively, transgender, non-binary, agender or TLBGQIA. What If The Sun is indeed the work of a trans artist, and a portion of profits from the record will be donated to organizations like Trans Women of Color andTrans Lifeline .



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