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Bury The Kings drop single “Hurt” + EP “V” out next Friday May 18

10 May 2018 — Melbourne’s Bury The Kings’ new EP, ‘V’ is a concept EP dealing with the 5 stages of grief. A heavy undertaking for sure and the band have approached it with care and craftsmanship with the intent of representing the 5 stages through emotive, brutal, yet beautiful music. The EP will be out Friday May 18th. The EP is available for pre-order now, and today they are dropping the final taste of the EP ahead of its release.

“Hurt” is the “Anger” stage from the upcoming EP. The song pays homage to a previous single “Only” – a fast tempo, angry and heavy song, with the same themes of loneliness and anger. Lyrically, the track is a reflection of someone who has lost something in their life. They’re angry, upset and emotional, but they weren’t able to do anything about it, thus reflecting the stage of grief.

The band’s intent with the EP concept is that It’s about dealing with loss, fighting your inner demons and overcoming against the odds. “What we tried to do with this concept is not only match the lyrical concept, but have the music also correspond with the particular stage,” said Wojtek. 

The EP was produced, mixed and mastered by Scottie Simpson from Alpha Wolf, who has also worked with bands such as Death in BloomThe Gloom in the Corner and Gravemind. Guitarist Wojtek Tomczyk aided Scottie in the process of the production of the record.

Bury The Kings’ EP ‘V’ will see its release next Friday, May 18 and is available for pre-order on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Bandcamp now. Previous Singles ‘Take Me With You’ and ‘Skin & Blood’ are available for purchase and streaming now.

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