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Johnny 3 Tears of Hollywood Undead talks musicianship and challenges with Metallicougar.


It has been an interesting ride for Hollywood Undead.  Stuff with the status of a ” One Hit Wonder” with their nearly self titled hit “Undead”, it has take them a long bit to work their way back to the good graces of some fair weather fans.  The loyal, almost cult like following never wavered.  They made a big statement at Louder Than Life with a strong, energizing performance.  They have continued this throughout the year and their latest appearance at Welcome to Rockville was no exception.

If you haven’t seen them you would expect mass backtracking, but this isn’t the case.  They spend a good deal of the set trading instruments around allowing each member to showcase their talents.  I had the opportunity to watch the show and speak to Johnny 3 Tears and this charming guy is pretty fun even off the stage, even issuing a humorous guitar challenge to other artists.  Please take the time to watch the full interview below, and be on the lookout for them live near you.

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