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Rackett release new single & rocket on tour with intergalactic Space Cadet

30 April 2018 — Stellar superstars RACKETT have released their new single Space Cadet; a rocketing psych-jam introducing their new extraterrestrial friend Steve the alien.

To celebrate the release of Space CadetRACKETT and Steve will be hitting the great road in the sky to play fourteen shows through June and July with dates in Western AustraliaQueenslandVictoria and New South Wales

The band first met their outer-space compatriot after being saved from certain death by his accidental intervention and together the new crew wrote this slamming single.

Space Cadet is an ode to our friend Steve; whom we met when we landed on the roof of his spacecraft after unintentionally rescuing us from our plummeting deaths,”said vocalist Rebecca Callander.

We wrote Space Cadet with Steve while we were on his spacecraft after too many lucid cocktails and plasma dust,” said bassist, Ally Gaven.

RACKETT really harnessed Steve’s incredible cosmological styles and talents to put together new music that is truly out of this world!

“I warmed to Steve pretty quickly, he has incredible taste for high quality audio gear and he plays a monster triangle,” said drummer, Astrid Holz.

It’s an epic wall of guitar-filled psych-pop, inspired completely by our experience with our alien friend. Steve loves ridiculous guitar solos, I’ll never forget his response after writing this ripper riff!” said guitarist, Kat Ayala.

“Callander puts down her guitar after a few songs and jumps down into the crowd to dance with us, reaching out to hold hands and scratch heads and go a little wild, and it’s honestly the great thing ever.”
— Carly Packer, The Music

“Noise is their number one trade and they’re very, very good at it.”
— Greg Moskovitch, Tone Deaf

RACKETT make loud and experimental punk-pop. In one year, the band have moved from virtual anonymity to playing in major theaters and festivals throughout Australia, receiving regular airplay on community and commercial radio, features in Rolling Stone Magazine, become the featured talent in national campaign for General Pants and earned a reputation for “Thrilling live shows, a technically proficient and powerful sound, and a DIY hyper-femme aesthetic.

Friday, June 1
Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney, NSW

Thursday, June 14
Moonshine Bar, Manly, NSW

Friday, June 15
Selinas, Coogee, NSW

Saturday, June 16
Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Saturday, June 23
The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle, NSW

Saturday, June 30
Nightquarter, Gold Coast, QLD

Friday, July 6
The Foundry, Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, July 7
Sol Bar, Sunshine Coast, QLD

Friday, July 13
Rosemount, Perth, WA

Saturday, July 14
Mojo’s Bar, Perth, WA

Friday, July 28
Beer Delux, Albury, NSW

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