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Lucas Newman releases a new single called ‘You’.

‘You’ by Lucas Newman is a real special song. Powerful lyrics and powerful vocals. Not only is the song amazing, Lucas wanted to include the hearing impaired and learnt sign language for the music video. Such a beautiful song that is super connectable. Lucas has such a versatile voice with so many different sounds. I encourage you to watch the video to see what I mean.  



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More about Lucas Newman

Lucas Newman does not only excel at songwriting, he also has an impulsive voice. Music has always been one of his greatest passions, now he proves that he himself has something to say.

Having grown up in the very south of Germany, Lucas Newman soon got in touch with music. Early on, music became a part of family life. In his childhood, his greatest role models in music were his parents, themselves musicians in their free time. Aged 7, he began to play the violine and at the same time started teaching himself to play the piano using his mother’s sheet music.

His parents soon recognized how skilled he was and made sure he attended a secondary school with an emphasize on music where he had piano lessons as well. However, in this process he lost interest and stopped taking lessons for both instruments. Only a short time later, he took up playing the piano again and with his father’s instructions began playing both pop and gospel songs.

Not once did he think about starting a career as a singer at this point in time. Singing was obligatory part of his school education, which he refused to do. Not only did he receive bad grades but for a long time no one knew just how talented he was.

At the age of 16, he started becoming interested in voices; classical arias, musicals such as the Lion King, songs of renowned artists such as Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé. This is why he took up opera lessons at the local school of music. There his talent was soon discovered and he became part of a variety of programmes to help him improve his skills wanting him to finally take up his studies in classical singing.

After graduation, just like every other young graduate he wondered about which path to choose for his own life and decided against becoming an opera singer.

‘I decided against the opera even though I loved that time. My number one reason was that I didn’t want to put on an act all my life. I didn’t want roles others had created for me. I wanted to stay myself and I wanted to promote what made me unique and if I had the privilege to be up on stage I wanted to be able to do more than before.‘

Since then Lucas Newman has not sung a single aria. He writes songs and highlights his unique style. His songs do not conceal anything and through his songs, he tries to understand both himself and others around him.

His voice no longer resembled classica ideals and from this moment on he sought out possibilities to communicate through songs what he had to say.

This results in songs that uncover a whole range of emotions in just a blink of an eye. He wants to be understood but at the same time wants to understand his audience just as much.

At the age of 21, Lucas Newman started studying pop music in Osnabrueck, Germany and once more was granted an opportunity to think about his own music.

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