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TIMI TEMPLE releases new single ‘Young Man, Old Boy’.

‘Young Man, Old Boy’ by TIMI TEMPLE has the most contagious music I have heard for a long time. Add in meaningful lyrics that are begging to start a singalong you have a potential hit. Timi’s unique sounding vocals made this tune really stand out amongst the crowd. ‘Young Man, Old Boy’ explores the concept of being in your low 20’s and not really knowing where you fit into age wise. Lyrics such as “Too old, for little sleep… Too young, for counting sheep… Too old, for getting high… Too Young, for staying dry” discusses that he is too mature to get high, yet too young to give up drinking. I remember being at that age and was keen to be seen as a mature adult but did not want to actually become a person responsible for everything in my life. I adore this song and I hope you do too. 





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