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Jen reviews Bombs Away debut album ‘Fragments’.

Bombs Away already have success in the music scene. With two platinum records in ‘Party Bass’ and ‘Super Soaker’ and gold records with ‘Big Booty Bitches’. In 2017 they released Like You Feat. Ellie Vee’ which showed Bomb’s away versatility in their writing style. Fragments has 13 tracks with 4 tracks on their own and the rest that Sunset City, Elle Vee, Shadow Aspect, Backchat, SRU and Myah Marie feature on.

Fragments lead single was ‘Let You Down’ Feat Sunset City which was a great demo of what is on the rest of the album. Although all 13 tracks re unique in sound and vocals they all have a sense of the maturity that over the 8 years of Bombs Away have developed. From the 60 second introduction to the pop/dance mix sound and then the second last track their famous bassline reappears.

Fans of pop music with a dance beat will love this album. You can listen here.


To read the interview that I did with Bombs Away click here.

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