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The Rock and Roll Express Tour Arrives in Boca Raton, Florida

It was a relatively warm evening in Boca Raton, Florida when the near capacity crowd filed into the Mizner Park Amphitheater for a trip on the Rock and Roll Express Tour.  The tour features Soul Asylum, Collective Soul, and Three Doors Down.  This was my first trip to this venue, and I have to say, it is quite lovely.  Located in the center of a small city dwelling area, with apartments, shops and cobblestone streets, it is easy to see how the crowds flock to the location.  Ease of parking is always a big factor for me. I paid $8 for valet parking within a block of the venue, and there is ample space in the self parking garage and some street side parking for a small fee.  The walk to the venue is short and quite pleasant.  There are many places to grab a nice meal or a drink,  before and after the show.  The Grecian Revival design with some elevated balcony type seating is also a pleasing view from any angle.  The only thing I would critique negatively, besides the $12 glasses of wine, would be the tent for the sound board which blocks some views from the elevated platform near the rear of the venue.  However, the weather is more than a little unpredictable, making the use of a tent a necessary evil.  I would definitely suggest making the drive into the area for a night out.

I arrived a few minutes too late to photograph Soul Asylum, which started off a bit bumpy, but by the end of the set, sounded great.   Collective Soul played a tight set.  Ed Roland is not afraid to move around, interact with the crowd and encourage louder cheering.  Frankly, he looks and sounds great.  It is hard to believe he is 54 years old. He certainly moves like he is still in his 20’s.  He was a joy to photograph.  Johnny Rabb seemed to be having the time of his life behind the drum kit.  It was refreshing to see artists cut loose and smile.


Three Doors Down took the stage around 9:30 PM and, as always, Brad Arnold was smiling through most of the songs.  What struck me the most about this tour is the sheer joy of the artists who are playing.  They truly seem to be enjoying themselves. The crowd responded in return, with many abandoning their seats to stand and sing along.  The energy was very strong.  For their set, Three Doors Down, the strong war veteran supporters, made sure to display the American Flag on the stage.  The band has been long time advocates for the Wounded Warrior Project which offers charitable support for both physical and mental injuries of war veterans. For more information, please visit:


My evening ended a bit early since it was a week night.  I would have liked to stay and finish the show.  I can not always claim that.  I recommend seeing the tour if you have the opportunity. Find the tour dates here:–Roll-Express-3-Doors-Down-And-Collective-Soul-To-Co-Headline-Tour-With-Special-Guest-Soul-Asylum/default.aspx

Review and Photos by: Belinda Glass Reedy ( The Metallicougar)

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