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Dani Kays releasing AMAZING EDM tune.

Swedish record producer Dani Kays has always been fascinated with music and instruments. However it was not till 2015 that he discovered the awesome EDM scene. Dani has just released ‘Ascendence’. This is a song that is just like life, there are some great moments that are uplifting then not so great moments that can lead to depression. Dani likes the contrast in mixing Happy/Sad as there is more tension when the drop hits. I agree with him. Dani lives by the motto ”a winner is a dreamer who never gives up”. An excellent inspiration idea.  ‘Ascendence’ does not have any vocals but they are not missed as the music are the vocals. Dani likes to include classical instruments like piano and violins and includes vocals sometimes. Listen to this incredible EDM tune here.  



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2 Comments on Dani Kays releasing AMAZING EDM tune.

  1. Great review, thank you! I also totally agree with you about his track. 🙂

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