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Zach Zimmerman releases new single “It Won’t Stay”.

“It Won’t Stay” is a gem of a song by Zach Zimmerman. This song is a pop song with some jazz thrown into the mix. If you are wondering what actually won’t stay is the smile when he achieves something new, rather it is fleeting as then the focus is turned to the next challenge. Zach seems to be a motivated, busy person who is trying to improve the person he is without the time period of celebrating what he has achieved. Sounds great to be always working to be a better person but there should be some satisfaction time. This song is very relatable for those who do this and a feel good song if you do stop to smell the roses. I like Zach’s passion that shines through and the way the sound of this song is a little unique that stands out from the crowd. Take a listen here and keep an eye out for more singles off his debut album called ‘Growing Pains’.




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