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Kane Miller releases new song ‘All We Need’.

Canadian Kane Miller has released a beautiful intimate song called ‘All We Need’. Kane started in the music industry when he was 7, with a classically trained background. Fast forward many years till now and ‘All We Need’ was written during the end of a relationship. it starts with a tinge of hope but as the song goes on, that hope is turned into a question. This is very relatable as we need to be in a relationship that gives us what we need and we question it if it is not right.  Kane’s vocals are so enticing and coupled with the melody that will stay in your mind is why I love this song so much. See if you do as well. Listen here. 


All We Need, releasing on August 31st, captures Kane’s strong softness that easily entices. In conjunction with Tonetree Music, All We Need will lyrically leave you thinking back on past love, as the melody lingers in your mind and captures your heart. Kane says about the track,

“I wrote All We Need at the tail end of a relationship, and the song echoes what I was going through at that time. It starts off a bit hopeful with the chorus, “All we are is all we need” and by the end really turns that phrase into a question; Do I want more out of this [relationship] than what we already have? Or, if this is all we need, where are you when things aren’t going well?”

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