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Baer Traa releases new single ‘Wheels Rolling’.

Holland’s Baer Traa was surrounded by classically trained musicians when he was growing up. Baer Traa wanted to be a singer songwriter but unlike the symphonies and sonata’s he was used to he chose a different genre, soulfolk. Influenced by John Mayer and John Legend you can clearly hear the fusion of soul and folk. His single ‘Wheels Rolling’ is a sad song written about the death of Traa’s father. The vocals give a sense of sorrow. They are beautifully sad. This was a cathartic process for Traa, written in the personal journey he took after his father’s passing. This song is raw and the emotions are real. This is one reason I really like ‘Wheels Rolling’. The song is relatable to anyone that has lost a loved one. I also really like the music, the guitar sounds are amazing.’Wheels Rolling’ is from his 6-track EP “Out Of Thin Air” which will be released in February 2019. Take a listen to ‘Wheels Rolling’ here.


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