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WizG release new single called ‘Back To You (feat. Mechi Pieretti)’.

American DJ/production duo Josh Wizan and Kostas Garcia AKA WizG ( great use of last names!) formed in 2017. With experience performing at nightclubs their latest release ‘Back To You (feat. Mechi Pieretti)’  is a type of song that you would love to hear at a nightclub. Featuring Mechi Pieretti who has amazingly strong vocals I mean talk about the ability to belt out loud! You may recognise her vocals from Disney World and Playstation songs.

“Josh and Kostas’ goal is to release music that allows listeners to dance, get lost in the temporary world they create and feel a sense of euphoria.” (press release). I felt euphoria from the first few notes. Listening to this song certainly made me feel good. I think for this song Josh and Kosta’s goal can be ticked off their goal list. I look forward to hearing more songs from this incredibly talented duo. Take a listen to  ‘Back To You (feat. Mechi Pieretti)’ here. 

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