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Lullwater Refuses To Be Still


In the next few months the band Lullwater is going to be very busy.  As of this writing, they are packing up for their tour with power houses Tremonti and Sevendust.  After a few warm up dates they will meet up with the tour in Houston on February 1st.  Their second date on the tour couldn’t be a better one.  They will be playing in New Orleans, Louisiana, the site of their latest album’s recording studio.

According to Bassist and Vocalist Roy ” Ray” Beatty, they are “super stoked to go out and have this opportunity”.  Why wouldn’t they be?  Sevendust has a loyal following and Tremonti is a band rising in popularity at a rapid rate.  This will insure their exposure to a massive fan base and they will be able to keep them.  The newest offering, aptly named “Voodoo”, debuts on February 22nd.  It is a blend of their already vast experience and the energy derived from spending a month in the culture filled city.  Recorded in the French Quarter, Ray promises to have some of the “creative vibe of the city”.  In march, the band will celebrate their sixth year as a family with the current lineup, with the exception of their newest member and lead guitarist, Daniel Bennie, who has “solidified the sound” according to Joe Wilson, their drummer.  He has helped take them back to the solid solos made so popular in the eighties.  As I’ve been saying for the last few years the evolution of music comes full circle, let’s hope parachute pants and aqua net aren’t in the mix this time.

According to Ray and Joe, it sometimes becomes about marketing and what sells.  Bands find their place and what works for them and stick with it.   I posed the question that could some of the lack of solos in music have been the sheer over saturation due to the ability of even garage bands to produce videos and EPs?  That perhaps it is a lack of that talent and ability for some less mature and practiced bands.  He countered that in pop-rock in general even in top forty, there are rarely the presence of guitar solos with producers and musicians opting for the keyboard or no solo at all.  Citing that the melodic rock is making a comeback due to the sensibility of rock,  Ray is “a firm believer of getting to that platform’.

I always ask a few off the wall questions to lighten the mood and I never know what to expect, these guys were no exception.  From their sweet Georgia boy accents to calling me Ma’am, A LOT, to their overall sweet and jovial nature, I should have expected this one.  I asked them who is the most likely one of the group to get them into “good trouble”, or overall harmless shenanigans.  Both agreed Daniel Bennie, or as they call him “Bennie Bunny” was the absolute instigator.  I, of course had to know where that name came from.  What I got was a sad Bennie used to have a pet bunny story,  which I’m leaving a mystery and how shortly after they began calling him Bennie Bunny.    I also asked my what if they weren’t doing music what would be their other passions.  Joe would be a chef.  He started describing his favorite thing to cook “reverse seared steak”, then I was starving and now wondering if he would cook one while they are in Fort Lauderdale on February 4th.  I didn’t ask, but maybe I’m hinting a bit here.  Ray likes photography and videography.  I warned him there isn’t much money in it if you’re working as a music journalist but that I love it too. (Obviously)  However, for Ray, other jobs have always been a means to an end, leaving him the ability to travel on tour at a moment’s notice.

Following the current tour, they will also be releasing a full band acoustic album entitled Jamais Vu, somewhat inspired by a previous acoustic tour with Candlebox, with old and new songs followed by  a summer tour. .  Catch them on the current tour at the dates below.

lullwater tour.png








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