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Enjune releases emotional song called ‘Be Alright’.

Every now and then I hear a song that stops me in my tracks and makes me very emotional. ‘Be Alright’ is one of these songs. Within in a few lines my eyes had filled with tears. ‘Be Alright’ was written from a different sort of loss than mine but it is the same sentiment. Enjune AKA Jake Goble, an American Alternative/Indie-Pop artist who has written a deep and personal song. Losing his close friend to a drug overdose, he turned his grief into a relatable song for many. The lyrics are honest and raw and the music builds to a powerful ending with synths, guitars, vocal harmonies and percussive elements. 

Jake is an incredibly talented song writer who has honoured his friend in the best possible way. ‘Be Alright’ will not only undoubtedly help people express their emotions so they can heal but others lives maybe touched by the proceeds will be donated to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). For more information on NIDA visit:

Check out this amazing emotional song here. 

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