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Leah Nobel releases new single ‘Truly Known’.

Award-winning singer/songwriter Leah Nobel has a unique sound as she has melded pop and folk music in her own unique way. I love connectable songs and ‘Truly Known’ her latest single certainly is connectable. I was interested to learn that she interviewed 100 people from different backgrounds and used the stories that they told to be the theme of her songs. What a great idea! I like that by using other people’s stories Leah’s songs are fresh and not so personal that they get repetitive. Leah’s goal is to create a musical representation of shared humanity. A great goal that she certainly has met in ‘Truly Known’. Leah, that does not mean you stop creating music! Her vocals do not fall into my ‘normal’ kind of vocals that I like and I actually like that the meaning of the song trumped over her vocals. Don’t get me wrong the vocals are beautiful! ‘Truly Known’ is from her album Running in Borrowed Shoes. Let that title sink in! A perfect title for the project. Check ‘Truly Known’ out here. 

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