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Music Injection are proud to Premiere Heavy on the Magic’s ‘Sinkin’ Thinkin’.

‘Sinkin’ Thinkin’ is the latest single from Heavy on the Magic. What a fantastic song! A definite “Hit Alert”! We are pleased that we were asked to premiere a song as good as ‘Sinkin’ Thinkin’. This Manchester five piece already have experience under their previous name The Minx have regrouped and  added a few band members and have now Heavy on the Magic have radio play, have released 2 successful singles and played two sold out shows. When you take a listen to ‘Sinkin’ Thinkin’ you will understand why. It has a catchy guitar riff, and a great beat and the vocal variation is incredible. This song has the potential to hit the charts and I hope that if you the reader spread the word about how insanely good ‘Sinkin’ Thinkin’ is. You can preorder it here. With a third single this good, I think the future is bright for Heavy on the Magic. Check it out here, be the first to watch the video before release here. 


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