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Australian Hazlett has released a new single called ‘Fireworks’

Hazlett from Brisbane admits that he is an over-thinker and is in therapy with himself. I admire his honesty. Last year he released her debut EP called ‘Honey, Where Is My Home’. Building on this, his new single ‘Fireworks’ has a new sense of confidence. The song has a gentle sound, both musically and vocally. These vocals are very smooth and relaxed. Can’t express how listening to Hazlett’s vocals and how relaxed his songs make me feel. 2019 will be a busy year for Hazlett as he writes songs for a full SP to be released later in the year. ‘Fireworks’ does not just sound great but is full of meaning. Moving from the mindset of “my life is a mess’ and moving to ‘everything happens for a reason is a tough change. I love Hazlett’s honesty and his willingness to share his thoughts. Take a listen to ‘Fireworks’ here. 

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