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HAVVK releases new song ‘ If I Don’t Tell You’.

HAVVK have just released a new single called ‘If I Don’t Tell You’. If you enjoy unique sounding vocals you will love this song. Julie Hawk’s vocals are really showcased beautifully. Musically it is so tight it is admirable. ‘If I Don’t Tell You’ explores an issue that we face each day that is very challenging. We have a real version of us and a social media version. We can get lost and confused at time with this. The pressure to be perfect or at least to be seen to be perfect on social media can be suffocating. HAVVK certainly have touched on an important issue. ‘If I Don’t Tell You’ is the third release from their album called Cause & Effect out later this year. I encourage you to checkout this relatable and throughly enjoyable to listen to tune. 

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